Home made pasta

Easier than you might thing, set a bit of time aside, make the dough a day ahead, keep in the fridge, make a batch, freeze in portions, 100g approx. Per portion. Can be cooked from frozen 5 mins. boiling salted water, 3 mins. for fresh. A hand pasta maker is fine, but an electric pasta maker will make the job a lot quicker.

500g 00 flour or semolina flour (00 flour now available in Tesco)

4 eggs = 250ml with a little added water

no salt

In the mixer, place the flour and eggs and mix slowly for 10 mins. When the dough has come together turn it out on to the counter top and knead for 3/4 minutes until smooth, wrap in cling film and leave to rest in the fridge for at least an hour, overnight is best. To roll the dough, divide into 150g pieces. Flour lightly then put it through the machine at the widest setting 6, fold in half, flour, put it through again at 6, now set the machine at 5, put the dough through twice, then once at 4, once 3 and once 2, you don’t need to go to 1, just right thickness at 2, keep the length at approx. 30cm. Flour lightly each time. Now you can move on to the cutters or you could keep the sheets for lasagne. I like to have a mix. Allow the cut pasta to dry for 30 minutes.