Lamb tagliatelle

Very simple to make, great flavour, make ahead or make extra for some handy meals in the freezer.

Serves 4

2\3 tablespoons olive oil

500g minced lamb

2 red onions, chopped

3/4 cloves garlic, chopped

small red chilli, chopped

glass of red or white wine

200ml chicken stock

rind and juice of a small lemon

2 tablespoons crème fraiche

sea salt and black pepper

handful basil leaves, chopped

grated parmesan

Heat a large pan, add a little of the oil and brown the lamb well, you’ll need to do this in batches, transfer the lamb as it browns to a bowl, then in the juices left in the pan sauté the onions, garlic and chilli for a few minutes, add more oil if necessary, add the wine, reduce for another minute. Now add the stock, rind, lemon juice, crème fraiche and season well. Add back the lamb and simmer gently for 20/30 minutes. Taste again at the end of the cooking time to make sure the seasoning is spot on. Add the basil just before you serve. To cook fresh tagliatelle, 100g per portion, large pot of boiling salted water, cook for 3 minutes, if it’s frozen, 5 minutes, keep some of the pasta water for the sauce. Add the pasta to the sauce plus a splash of the pasta water, mix really well, adding more pasta water if necessary. Add the basil at this stage. Serve immediately, finishing with a sprinkling of grated parmesan.