Pommes Anna

We all know just how popular pasta is now and very convenient but when you taste this potato dish I think you’ll agree the peeling and slicing is worth the effort.

So, to prepare …. allow 2/3 potatoes per person maybe less, peel and slice (not paper thin). Take a frying pan that will just fit the sliced potatoes and will fit into the oven. Set oven 200c gas 6. Add a generous drizzle of olive oil to the pan, heat gently, then remove from the heat. Arrange the potato slices tightly in a circle, starting at the outer edge of the pan and working your way into the centre. Season as you go with a little salt, when all slices are in place. Turn the heat back on to medium. Add another drizzle of olive oil and a few knobs of butter. Continue cooking until the base of the potatoes is just a nice golden brown, at this stage, press the potatoes down into the shape of the pan with a heat proof spatula or a potato masher. You want the potato layers to form a cake. When you are happy the underside had a good colour and a nice sizzle, cover the pan and place in the hot oven to finish cooking, 20 minutes approx. will depend on the size of the pan.

To serve, gently flip over on to a serving dish. Season with salt and cut into wedges. If you’re thinking about a barbecue ‘Pommes Anna’ is a great side dish, as you can keep warm till ready to serve.