Salted peanut cookies

Made in a few minutes, all ingredients in together in the processor

or mixer, very useful to keep the mix in the fridge or freezer and bake

as you need them.

Make about 20 x 40g cookies

230g butter, room temperature

200g soft brown sugar

1 egg

200g peanut butter

250g self-raising flour


40g roasted salted peanuts, chopped

Set oven 180c gas 4 Line a baking sheet with nonstick paper.

Place the butter, sugar, egg, peanut butter, and flour into the processor or mixing bowl.

Mix all the ingredients well together, then shape into 40g cookies, place on the baking

sheet, flatten slightly, sprinkle each one with a little chopped peanuts about 2g.

Bake in the preset oven for about 12 minutes, cool on the tray.